Club merchandise on sale during our races The Dallas Running Club offers a great assortment of running gear ranging from super hip vintage cotton tees to dry fit technical and compression wear. We aim to combine comfort and style on and off the track. Our fun designs always include the DRC logo so members are easily spotted around the lake, along the Trinity Strand, on Katy and throughout the Dallas trails. We also have a number of other items available in our collection such as visors, water bottles, decals for the car, towels and pints.

We invite new members and welcome existing members to purchase our competitively priced merchandise at any one of our 9 club races held during the year as well as any other special event hosted by the club. New members are encouraged to apply their $10 DRC bucks towards a piece of DRC swag.

Run happy,
Run strong,

For additional information, questions or comments, please contact our Merchandise Director.

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