The Dallas Running Club is an organization created and run by volunteers for their fellow runners and walkers. Please help us by looking for answers to your questions on the website before submitting inquiries if possible. Thanks!

Please include the following info in your inquiries!

  • First and last name
  • Email address you want associated with your membership
  • Phone number
  • Remember, if we can't contact you, we can't help you!!!

The Dallas Running Club Office :
Our clubhouse is only for storage purposes. This is an all-volunteer organization so we do not have an office which is staffed. The address for the post office box is at the bottom of this page, but this is only checked every several weeks, so we do not recommend contacting us via mail.

Membership Inquiries :
Click here for membership rates! Click here to join online! Login to your existing membership to renew online! Hint: Even if you didn't join online, we have set up an online account for you. Send an email to request login/password information if you do not know your login. For other membership-related inquiries, send an email to

Online Payment/Credit Card Transaction Inquiries :
For inquiries about online payment/credit cardtransactions, plase send an email to the club treasurer:

Members-Only Website/Member Login :
 If you do not remember your previous login or have questions about the membership website, email

Other/General Inquiries :
Email and we'll find who can get your question answered.

Tal Morrison Scholarship Fund Inquiries
Tal Morrison Scholarship Fund
Horace Duncan, President

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