Competing in the DRC Championship Series is easy to do. We have two championships: a race championship and a volunteer championship.

You must volunteer to qualify for race champion, but you do not have to race to qualify for volunteer champion.

We simplified the Championship Rules so more members participate.


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 2014 Results

Through September - MaleNew

Through September - FemaleNew

2013 Results

2013 DRC Championship Series Results

2012 Results

2012 DRC Championship Series Final Results

2011 Results

Overall Qualifying CCS Leader
Race Qualifying CCS Leader
Volunteer Qualifying CCS Leader
Non-Qualifying Race Leader
Non-Qualifying Volunteer Leader

2010 Results

Overall Championship
Race Championship
Volunteer Championship
Training Program Volunteer Championship

2009 Results

Final 2009 Results

2008 Results

Final 2008 Results

2007 Results

Results Sorted Alphabetically - green highlighted names are those that completed all eligibility criteria
Overall Champion Leaders
Race Champion Leaders
Volunteer Champion Leaders

2006 Results

Final Standings for 2006

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