In addition to offering events, races, discounts and our "members-only" website, our best benefit is intangible — the chance to make new friends. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet will be running alongside you with smiling faces and encouraging phrases!

We have the following social events each year. If you are a new member, this is a great opportunity to meet other members and may even discover a future training buddy! For long-time members, it is a chance to reconnect and catch up on the lives of your fellow members!

July DRC Half & 5K Social Run at the Truck Yard -- postponed due to weather -- stay tuned for more information
August Volunteer for the 3x2 Cross Country Relay at Norbuck Park on Sat 8/2/2014
DRC Half & 5K Social Run @ Beck's Prime on Forest & Preston on Thu 8/7/2014
December Annual meeting and holiday party on Tue 12/30/2014

DRC members often post informal social runs and events in the DRC Facebook page or on Twitter using @DallasRunClub and #Dallas #running. Feel free to organize and post an informal social run or event there too.

DRC Clubhouse:

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