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Training for your next race is key to avoiding injury, conditioning your body, and preparing your mind. Whether you are preparing for a 5k, marathon, or a distance somewhere in between, the DRC training programs will help you get ready for your next race.

Why Train With the Dallas Running Club

From expert coaching and runner camaraderie to educational moments and practice pacing, training the the DRC is a great way to make the most of your race experience. Here are the top 3 reasons runner choose to train with the Dallas Running Club. 



The Road Runners Club of America is the gold standard for running coaches. We have RRCA certified coaches on our training team. 


Coaches, pace leaders, and fellow runners will help you through the tough runs and keep you motivated to reach your race goals. 


Knowing that you have a group of runners joining you on your runs helps keep you accountable for each and every workout. 

Dallas Running Club offers two training seasons every year: Spring (January-April) and Fall (August- December).  Additionally, Fast Track is the summer bridge program focused on speed and strength training from May-July.  Registration for DRC Training Programs is open to active club members.
Fall and Spring Training programs prepare runners for their desired goal distances: 5K, 10K, 13.1 and 26.2.  We welcome all experience levels and a wide range of pace groups, to include participants that want to train using a run/walk method.
DRC Training programs are designed to progressively improve running strength and fitness over the course of the season.  A training plan is published to registered runners in their respective groups, which will give direction for the entire season. We meet twice per week, Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, for our group runs.  Group runs are divided into smaller pace groups and you will be guided through speed and strength work and long runs by a DRC pace leader.  
Great program for all types of people and runners. I truly feel inclusive and look forward to the workouts. Great group of technical coaches and pacers. I've ran for years but this group is teaching me patience so that I can meet my ultimate goal of running faster [and] stronger without injury.
- Martha O.

DRC Training Programs

One of the hallmarks of DRC Training is to meet our athletes where they are and chart the path towards their goal race/distance.  Runners should take into consideration their current volume of running when choosing a distance to train for this season: 

Spring 5k Training Program


Designed for anyone wanting to get into running and the perfect place to start your running journey.  Participants do not have to have any experience or weekly base mileage coming into the program.

Spring 10k Training Program


DRC’s 10K program continues to build and improve our runners, so participants should be able to complete a 5K to begin the season.  This is an excellent distance for runners looking to improve their 5K time, complete a 10K, and to prepare for longer distances in following seasons.

Spring Half Marathon Training Program


 The half marathon training program is a great place to start training for long distance road races.  We advise that anyone registering for the half marathon program is already running 3 days per week consistently and averages at least 15 miles per week.

Spring Marathon Training Program


DRC loves training our marathon runners and if this distance is something you’ve always wanted to do, you’re with the right group.  We advise that anyone registering for the marathon program is already running 3-4 days per week consistently and averages at least 20 miles per week.


We look forward to having you join us this season to accomplish your running goals. 

  If there are questions that have not been addressed, please use the web form below to get in touch with our Training team.

Meet the DRC Training Team

Colin Hamilton - Dallas Running Club

Colin Hamilton

Training Director


Sue Montgomery - Dallas Running Club

Sue Montgomery

Training Director


Phillip Paris - Dallas Running Club

Phillip Paris

Training Director


Questions About Training With the DRC?

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The DRC is not your average running club.

Whether you are just starting out or have hundreds of miles under your belt, we have something for every level of runner or walker.