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One of the best things about running is your local running community. Since 1969, the Dallas Running Club has been helping runners like you stay connected, motivated, and supported.

What We Do Best

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DRC membership offers free and discounted races, access to training programs, perks with local and national retailers, and more.

DRC Group Run


Our experienced pace leaders and coaches will guide you to your goal race. We welcome runners and run/walkers of all ability levels.

DRC Racing


The DRC hosts 8 races each year. Whether club race or signature race, runners and walkers alike can experience the joy of running.​


The easiest away to build awareness for your brand among the local running community is to sponsor a DRC club or signature race. 


The DRC is a 100% volunteer run organization. We rely on volunteers to make every event a success. If you don’t want to run a race, volunteer! 

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We like to celebrate. It could be an upcoming race, hitting a PR, or just Tuesday. Our community of runners welcome all walks of life. 

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Supporting the Dallas Running Community for Over 50 Years

Dallas Running Club founder Tal Morrison began what was then called Cross Country Club of Dallas in 1969.  

When he retired in 1967, he decided to start a running club patterned off of the New York running club.  To get members, he would stop other runners he would see at the lake and ask for their contact information.

Today, the DRC has grown to nearly 2,000 members with monthly races, events, and training programs. 

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From the DRC President

You may not know it yet, but you have made a great decision, one that I made 8 years ago and has changed my life! I wasn’t always a runner, I didn’t run track or cross country in high school. As a matter of fact, I played football (we’re in Texas after all!) yet couldn’t run more than a couple of blocks without getting winded. I preferred the weight room to cardio any day of the week. Although I never had much experience with running, I always admired how strong and fit they seemed as I would sometimes see them running down the sidewalk. It wasn’t until after college that I found myself reexamining my physical situation. I knew I needed to lose some weight and I vaguely remembered how amazing it felt to feel like an athlete back in high school.

I felt this way for many months, but one day I said to myself enough is enough! The very next morning I started by running a mile around my neighborhood. It was summer of course and I was dying, and it took everything I had just to keep moving forward., but I had survived! I continued to run that same route every day for the next month and started to feel more alive than I had felt in years. At this point I had begun to create a habit but believe me being out there alone was tough, only my thoughts to keep me distracted.

This is where things changed…

President Delacruz

Alex Delacruz, President

I love this group. They helped me get to my first marathon and have given me some of my favorite friends who inspire and lift me up every time I run. You won't regret joining this running club!
- Corey S.
DRC Training Run
DRC Training Group


The DRC is not your average running club.

Whether you are just starting out or have hundreds of miles under your belt, we have something for every level of runner or walker.

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Every Wednesday | White Rock Ale House, Dallas, TX

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